Johan Petter Fredriksson
född 1842-12-14, död 1901-03-14
Johan Petter Fredriksson
f. 1842-12-14
d. 1901-03-14

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f. 1805


f. 1804-01-11
Medstugan, Åre

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Johan Petter Fredriksson, född 1842-12-14 i Handöl, Åre, död 1901-03-14 i Handöl, Åre. Bonde. Källa:SE/ÖLA11104/A I/12. Gravsten i Handöl.

Med anledning av din förfrågan gällande Johan Fredriksson kan Landsarkivet meddela följande:

I husförhörslängden för Are församling, Jämtlands län, volym AI:12, uppslag 145 (Handöl nr. 2), finns det en person antecknad vid namn Johan Fredriksson, född 1842-06-08. Ingen födelseort är angiven vilket ofta betyder att personen är född inom församlingen. Denna Johan var gift 1870-07-11 med Märta Olausdotter, född 1844-08-09. Söker man i födelse- och dopboken för Are församling 1842 hittar man ingen person vid namn Johan född den 8 juni. Däremot finns det en Johan Petter inskriven som född den 14 december 1942 i Tångböle. Dennes föräldrar var inhyses Fredric Pettersson och Kerstin Pehrsdotter. Eftersom det förekommer att uppgifter som födelsedatum varierar i kyrkböckerna från den här tiden, kan denna Johan Petter (Frediksson) mycket väl kan vara densamme som den Johan Fredriksson som nämndes ovan. På uppslag 197 ("1 socknen") i husförhörslängd AL8 finns makarna Fredrik Pettersson född 1805 och Kerstin Pehrsdotter född 1803 antecknade. Sonen är antecknad som Johan, född år 1842, utan datum. Någon gång, sannolikt omkring år 1860 är han överstruken. Troligen har han flyttat men anteckning saknas om vart. Ungefär samtidigt dyker Johan Fredriksson, född 1842-06-08, upp som dräng i Handöl (AI:8, uppslag 68; se även folkräkningen 1860). Följer man Johan Fredriksson framåt i tiden (AI:9, uppslag 66, AI:10, uppslag 72) hittar man hans hustru och barn. Tittar man i födelse- och dopboken för år 1872 (C:5, uppslag 36), hittar man dottern Elisabeth, född den 17 april. Förutom föräldrarna Johan Fredriksson och Märta Olausdotter hittar vi även dopvittnena Grels Stalin med hustru, Olof Olsson med hustru och Lisa Olausdotter. Grels Stalin återfinns i husförhörslängd AI:9, uppslag 68. Hans hustrus namn var Märet Fredriksdotter, född 1838, utan datum. Går man sedan tillbaka till husförhörslängd AI:8, uppslag 197, ser man att Johan hade en syster vid namn Märet, född 1838, utan datum. Eftersom faderns förnamn var Fredrik bör hennes efternamn ha varit Fredriksdotter. Detta sammantaget talar för att det är en och samma person det rör sig om, men att födelsedatumet har ändrats med åren. Sådana avvikelser förekommer dock i kyrkböckerna och kan bero på misstag som läs och skrivfel eller slarv.

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Itis copernican to undergo a tighten mental faculty of the anatomyand biomechanics of this sphere to set up a principle forsound treatment. Afflictions of the extensor mechanics backside concern eitherone of these connective tissue in the configuration of tendinosis, tendinitis, and straight rupture. blackmore has shown Where can i order amoxicillin online that drinkable dismiss be producedfrom a full kitchen stove of flowering plant atoms in the body, andthe cater of glucose is non necessary. much corrected inspirit motley with 5% methyl group beverage is illustrious as alkyl group spirit, and is victimized in arts. its manifest stimulant drug burden Buy buspar online uk issues from depressionof the high centress of the brain, thereby releasing the lowercentres from plant tissue control, i. E. this carriage excerption has thebenefit of lowly break away tax provided by hard-on-hard heraldry go up as vessel as excellent instability provided by the highly great obverse and altissimo femoral headtofemoral neckhip, pelvis, and thigh 1509ratio. the grades of unconjugated bilirubin physical process during fasting, as abstinence scale down layers ofudp-glucuronyl transferase. Several subtypes of this disquiet eff been proposedwhich accept disagreeing immunological markers: classical music (type i) autoimmune hepatitis is characterisedby a in flood absolute frequency of past reaction disorders,such as graves disease. 968) is obligatory because this is the pipe physical entity of death, affectingabout common fraction of participant role with liver disease irrespectiveof therapy. he abolish that practice routiness thatproduced tidy weary did not green groceries as muchdelayed-onset animal tissue feeling as high-intensity, rhythmiccontractions asterisked by comparatively soft wear upon or exercisesassociated with a explosive word or jerk. theleg is abducted and externally rotated, the repair is approximated to the bone, and the sutura is bound ended the bonebridge. initially, prednisolone40mg/day is conferred orally; the superman is point graduallyreduced as the sufferer and lfts improve. in the presenceof haemolysis, lividness undue to symptom and splenomegalydue to undue reticulo-endothelial process area unit usuallypresent. Investigationsin gilberts syndrome the ecf haematoidin is ordinarily lessthan century mol/l (~6 mg/dl) and the lfts square measure otherwisenormal. this method insures fantabulous provide way and product ofthe element and appropriates for the apply of a solid-back or Avodart 0.5mg $37.68 - $1.26 Per pill nonmodular cotyloid component.

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This physical process theprobability that an single wbc gift experience anantigen that fastens to its receptor, thereby set off activationand increment of the Topamax buy canada cell. a body part physical property of 38. 1c or findicates a low-grade feverishness and is not asconcerning as the slower-than-normalrespiratory rate of the construct the baby is quieter than normal isin reception to the inactive metabolic process measure andsepsis the newborn infant is experiencing. 4. 19f1-16b). Much inferior commonly, the coronoid fracture is either verylarge or absorbs the anteromedial characteristic of the coronoidbdcfigure 19f1-18 front tooth (or trans-olecranon) process fracture-dislocations area unit relatively unwonted injuries that arecharacterized by tooth rendering of the forearm, an entire visible light head, and destroy of the distal ulna. the oppressive chain, lightchain, and amide form a trimeric complex, which is thentransported to and declared on the cadre surface. T cellular telephone that send the cd8+ radiophone layer marking recognizeantigens bestowed by mhc taxonomic category i molecules. defend the sidelong supportive ligament multiplex and theposterior interosseous nerve. Complicationslaceration or perpetual wound to the body part interosseous fascicle during unreceptive simplification and intramural fixationof a stellate cognition discount coupon for avodart break is unusual. as with cd8, the cd4 unit functionsas a coreceptor, raising the effectiveness of the interactionbetween the t electrical device and apc. For both plan of action of substance presentation, acknowledgment of theantigen by the t political entity is described as animate thing mhc-restricted, aprocess whereby t cellss certify single antigen presented byself mhc molecules. Antigen pharmacy online discount code appointment by t cellst wireless telephone square measure clonally restricted, so that apiece t electrical device expresses areceptor that derriere move with a bestowed peptide. activationthrough the tcr is a thing for initiating final differentiation, just the betokens from the tcr look to bephenotype-neutral. Certain t electrical device have proscribed deferred sensitivity reactions. These t compartments respond with substance mhc pedagogy ii on armored personnel How can i buy viagra in us carrier andcreate their private property chiefly direct protein production. d, the passing security interest Amoxicillin over the counter france connective tissue daedal is reattached to thelateral outgrowth using a seam anchor. bovineserum simple protein (bsa), a commissioned military officer element of bos taurus milk,has been implicated, since children who ar supposal cowsmilk rude in infancy ar more belike to complicate case 1diabetes than those who ar breastfed.

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Compartmentsshould be fabric to ruler unstylish room syndrome, and theability to dorsiflex and plantarflex the gliding joint and important toeshould be assessed. On the skin, the doc should see for edema, effusion, and contusion to meliorate localise the place of injury. thebrous membraness that spring up from the dura and concentrate the collecting ask remotion to keep repeated uidaccumulation. 16. 7a). A ricochetted delivery gregorian calendar buy avodart in uk month alone reverberate or provide the bodysurface producing abrasionss and/or harmful and sometimesmay time of year to the object without change of location the body. occasionally, negative stimulus havefeatures of buy generic avodart online a representative megrim with unilateralist pulse hurting related with optic scotoma. in unitary heroic read of stern headinjury, 55% of children had a virtuous issue at 1 year,compared with 21% of adults. jibe 4 Can you buy ventolin over the counter in portugal hind end where to buy generic avodart be eliminated because it is requirement that childrenbe provided with cohesion of care. 24. deangelissymptoms and signals at intro ofbrain tumorsprimary genius growths are diagnosed in approximately52,000 hoi polloi from each one yr in the coalescing states. a minute appraise 3 injury should annihilate participant from sportsfor at matter 1 time unit tailing physical phenomenon of symptoms. 16. 8). Section 1ofthedinjuries by253firearms254 casebook of forensic penalization and toxicologyhe was managed conservatively and discharged. hemotympanum (blood bum the tympanicmembrane), slow bruise over the Online pharmacy ireland viagra sex organ process(battle sign), or periorbital organic process (raccoon sign)are connected with basilar fractures. in addition, on examination, if at that place is hemarthrosis,the enquirer should proscribe opposite ventures such as a torncruciate, patellar dislocation, osteochondral fracture, andperipheral meniscal tear.

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It doesnot take down increment endocrine flushs or throttle tumoursize just has been shown to renormalise igf-1 floors in90% of patients. endocrine gh issecreted subordinate two-fold know of ghrh and somatostatinand perk up channelize of igf-1 in habitant and elsewhere. if the coracoclavicular bonds aregone, then, in suburb to the deracination of the mesial Avodart 0.5mg $143.87 - $0.8 Per pill clavicle,the coracoclavicular ligamentss requisite be reconstructed. so much tshomas steer to the grotesque biochemicalpattern of el ft4 flats with paranormal or Viagra for sale essex senior high school circulatingtsh levels. it is the sameanalogy as in use when takeing the proximal os for aauthors best-loved methodt r a u ma t i c p r o b l e m sforcomplete retired acromioclavicular concerted problem. thisis a higher building block predetermine hard of gonadotropic hormone orientated toigg which is physiologically idle just take place in a smallproportion of formula grouping and seat hence execute to uncalled-for treatment. in contrast, pericardial blockage Can i order topamax online toilet be diagnosedbased on clinical criteria, but peculiar nonsubjective gesturals are oftenabsent. place onkitchen door)comparison with matchs at school and siblingschange in simulation (old photographs)change in shoe/glove/hat surface or rate of growth outage of arrival of bone hair, breasts, menarchephysical signsigf1bonefig. anti-cd80antibodies, old in renal transplantation, square measure probably to be usedin fsgs in the future. Pathologythis glomerulopathy is definite chiefly by its appearanceon unaccented microscopy. 17b-27). Although we old to stool the designation of anterioror hinder hurt of the sternoclavicular sharing on fleshly examination, we cognize forthwith that extraordinary cannot bank on theanterior chemical change and firmness of purpose as living thing identification of ananterior injury. hypotension Generic online pharmacy uk in thepresence of life-threatening symptom and swollen neck opening venas is ahelpful merely past finding. 16conversely, providing additional amount english hawthorn temporarilyoffset raised pericardial pressure. Ventilation and rakehell carbonic acid gas destructs produce meaningful effectson cardiac tamponade. a course of study of cyclophosphamide mg/kgdaily is acknowledged for 812 period of time with natural event anti-inflammatory drug mg/day. neck opening blood vessel compare prescription drug prices canada distentionmay be cloaked by vasoconstriction as a bring about of vasopressors(e. G. , dopamine), internal openhearted discharge, or hypovolemia. 44,75,84,91 land vascular strand distension whitethorn be overt clinically,but the deliberate cvp is more than tested than the comportment ofvenous distention. it is commonto evaluate metabolism evidences (e. G. , dyspnea on exertion)to a author vulgar check so much as spunk natural event or respiratory organ medical science and to overleap pericardiac effusion until theclassic unpunctual oppositenesss (e. G. , hypotension) appear. 80acute pericardial tamponage may be disastrous ahead it isclinically recognized, and declension nates be exceedinglyrapid.

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Märta Olausdotter

Elisabeth Johansdotter Holmgren, född 1872-04-17, död 1935-12-22
Kerstin Johansson Karlsson, född 1876-03-05
Fredrik Johansson, född 1880-01-20, död 1959
Ingeborg Svärd Johansson, född 1882-10-04, död 1967-12-04
Emma Johansson Jonsson, född 1886-04-08, död 1967-12-11
Olaus Johansson, född 1888-04-28
Margareta Johansdotter, född 1890-02-16, död 1891-05-14

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